How Will the Evaluation Proceed

A typical second opinion evaluation/independent examination is conducted in your child’s school and will require approximately 3 to 4 hours in the school, including 2 to 2½ hours of direct contact with your child, plus a classroom observation and teacher conference(s). Dr. Fiore will obtain school records and teacher completed survey instruments as needed. The child’s parent may also be requested to complete a survey instrument. The evaluation procedures will be determined based on the parents’ concerns and state regulations. Typically an intellectual assessment and academic achievement testing are conducted. Emotional screening is also assessed. In more complex cases, additional emotional/behavioral assessments are conducted (i.e., determining emotional disturbance or ruling it out). Similarly, if an intellectual disability is suspected, an additional intellectual assessment will be conducted, as well as a formal assessment of adaptive functioning. Each second opinion evaluation/independent examination is tailored to assess your child’s specific educational needs or areas of concern, regardless of who is accepting financial responsibility for it. If the school district is accepting responsibility for the evaluation, Dr. Fiore will consult with both the school district and parent to determine the scope of the evaluation, consistent with state regulations. If the parent chooses to accept responsibility for the cost of this evaluation, Dr. Fiore will work directly with the parent to determine the scope of the evaluation, although Dr. Fiore reserves the right to consult with the school district if necessary. Dr. Fiore will apprise the parent of his need to contact the district in those cases. Regardless of payment, the parent and his or her representative is apprised of the progress as the evaluation is conducted.

Who Receives The Second Opinion Evaluation

If the parent pays for the evaluation, only the parent receives a copy of the report. The parent can then choose to forward the report to the school district or not. The parent has full control over how to use the second opinion report. If the school district accepts responsibility for the cost of this evaluation, then a report is provided to both the parent and school district.

​Will the Parent Be Happy with the Second Opinion/Independent Evaluation

It is the absolute goal of Fiore Psychology Services, LLC to provide the parent a high quality, thorough and professional psychological second opinion examination. However, in addition to being a second opinion, it is also an independent examination of your child. It is the responsibility of the psychologist to provide an honest, professional and comprehensive opinion of your child's educational and emotional functioning. The purpose of this evaluation is not to prove that someone is right or wrong, but rather it is an honest, fair, appropriate, and comprehensive evaluation that has been conducted to best assess your child's educational needs and provide an appropriate, least restrictive educational program.

Does Fiore Psychology Services, LLC Provide Other Services

Yes, Dr. Fiore is available to consult with your attorney or advocate if requested, to provide follow-up feedback to the parent, or to provide psychological representation at the eligibility meeting or at any meeting he is requested to attend by the parent.

What Are the Costs

A schedule of fees will be provided before any services are commenced. Dr. Fiore is available on an hourly basis, or in some cases a predetermined fee can be established before the evaluation is started. A typical case will require a minimum of 10 hours and possibly up to 20 hours based on the complexity of your child's needs. Additional costs will be incurred if Dr. Fiore is requested to meet with your attorney or advocate, attend the eligibility meeting, or to provide deposition or court appearance if necessary. However, if the parent is assuming responsibility for the second opinion/independent examination, no services will be provided without a detailed written estimate of cost and your written explicit approval of the estimated costs.  If the school district is assuming responsibility for the cost of this evaluation, Dr. Fiore will negotiate the fees directly with the school district, or if you prefer your attorney can assist in this negotiation.