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  • Why Should Your Child Be Evaluated

    Students exhibiting significant academic, behavioral or emotional difficulties are typically identified by school personnel and recommended for psychological examination. The parents may also refer the child for evaluation if they feel their child is not performing adequately in school, or meeting state approved standards for school success. Typically a parent will have one or more conferences with the teacher discussing the student’s progress or lack of success. Typically the school makes the initial referral for special education evaluation and with the parents’ permission, a comprehensive evaluation commences. In some instances, the parent requests the comprehensive evaluation. When the parent initiates the action, a letter is written to the teacher, principal, or the special education liaison. Pennsylvania State Education Regulations require a district to provide a free and comprehensive evaluation to assess the student’s possible special education needs, whether they are academic, adaptive, behavioral or emotional. There is never any cost to the parent for this service. The school district assumes all costs for the psychoeducational evaluation. In most cases, the parent and the school district are in agreement with the findings of the district school psychologist and the student receives the services he or she needs. 

  • Why Would You Need a Second Opinion

    In some instances the school district recommends services or placement that the parent does not agree with. The district may recommend more or less services than the parent feels is necessary. In some instances the school district determines eligibility that the parent does not agree with. In other instances, the school district may not want to provide any services, although the parent feels that services are absolutely necessary. For these reasons and for an assortment of other possible situations, a second opinion might become necessary. If a second opinion is necessary, Fiore Psychology Services, LLC can provide a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation for your school-age child. 

    Are Second Opinion Evaluations Free

    No, second opinion evaluations are not free. In some cases, the parent may decide to incur the cost to hire a licensed and/or certified school psychologist to evaluate their child and provide a second opinion. If the parent hires the psychologist directly, the psychologist is working directly for the parent and the results, conclusions and recommendations of the comprehensive evaluation are provided directly to the parent. The parents can then submit the second opinion/independent evaluation to the school or they may decide to hire an advocate or attorney to represent the child's best interest. However, Pennsylvania regulations allow the parent to request of the district that they pay for a second opinion. Many school districts will express concerns with your request or direct you to a psychologist of their choosing for a second opinion. This may or may not be acceptable to you. In some cases it may be advisable to consult with an educational advocate or educational attorney to fully understand your rights under Pennsylvania education law. In most cases, school districts will agree to cover your costs for a second opinion evaluation.