Why Consider Using Fiore Psychology Services, LLC

Dr. Joseph Fiore is a highly qualified psychoedcational diagnostician who has over 35 years of professional experience evaluating, diagnosing and determining eligibility for special education placement. His experience has been varied and extensive, evaluating students between the ages of five and 22. He completed his school psychologist career with the Camden City Board of Education in January 2010, after nearly 31 years of professional service as a certified school psychologist. Dr. Fiore also provided concurrent consulting psychology services to several school districts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1980. In August 2000, Dr. Fiore contracted with the largest private nonprofit child agency in the state of New Jersey, evaluating seriously involved youngsters through the age of 22. Dr. Fiore continues to provide services to this private nonprofit and has conducted over 700 evaluations as a consulting school psychologist. In addition, Dr. Fiore has conducted over 2000 psychological examinations in Camden City during his 30+ year career.  


Dr. Fiore was a founding partner In Maplewood Psychological Associates, a Professional Association (PA) located in Philadelphia, PA. The practice was started in late 1982. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Fiore provided an array of professional services including individual psychotherapy, psychological evaluations and clinical hypnosis, focusing on disorders including anxiety, depression and pain management. In addition to evaluating children for over 35 years, Dr. Fiore has an extensive background in evaluating adults. For nearly 14 years Dr. Fiore evaluated men and women to determine their psychological fitness to carry a lethal weapon for their employment. These fitness examinations were directly sent to the Pennsylvania State Police.  Dr. Fiore functioned as an independent examining psychologist and was not an employee of the Pennsylvania State Police. As a licensed psychologist and school psychologist, Dr. Fiore has had vast experience working with school-age children and adults during his long career.

In January 2010, Dr. Fiore opened the professional practice of Fiore Psychology Services, LLC. As a licensed and certified consultant, Dr. Fiore has provided consulting services to several Philadelphia area schools. Since mid-2011, Dr. Fiore has focused his practice in the greater Philadelphia area, working with several charter schools and a cyber school. This consulting practice includes Philadelphia City, Montgomery and Bucks and Delaware Counties.