Every child is entitled to a free and appropriate education. Most children learn at a normal pace without appreciable modifications or supplemental services. However, some children require modifications in their educational program to enhance their learning capabilities. If your child is not learning optimally, you can request a psycho-educational evaluation to assess your child's unique learning style and/or possible special needs. Most public and charter schools provide competent psychoeducational testing and appropriate professional services. The eligibility team makes recommendations and educational modifications to best serve your child in the school program. In some instances a parent may want a second opinion or may choose an independent evaluation. Several factors may motivate your decision. You should discuss this option with the educational team or special education liaison at your child's school to discuss your concerns, rights and options. You can contact a local advocate or educational lawyer if your concerns are not adequately addressed by the school team in your child’s school. You may also contact Fiore Psychology Services, LLC and Dr. Fiore would be happy to discuss this matter with you without cost or obligation. E-MAIL DR. FIORE AT:  doc@psychologysecondopinion.com   
or telephone @ 267-312-7070


as your child's parent you are the most important person in your son or daughter's life.

Your child's educational success and progress in the school setting relies on many factors, particularly your child's dedication & committment to the learning process. however academic limitations & challenges can sometimes limit your child's success.

If your child's progress has been impeded, the joint effort and support of many school professionals are needed. the teachers, school supPort staff, the evaluation team and most importantly you, the child's parent, need to assit in the remediation.  the evaluation will assist in the understanding  of 

the issues limiting your child's educational progress.

the success of your child in school relies on the combined effort of many SCHOOL PROFESSIONALS.  your dedication & EFFORT advocating for your child WILL enSURE that your son or daughter's  best interests are being met in the least restrictive environment.